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Tanisha Creative Design Pvt. Ltd. is a firm founded by Mr. Rakesh G. Waghmare. He has a depth of experience across broad range of projects and stages from inception to completion. The Company has grown over the past 19 Years and is responsible a striking wide range of work from urban design to exhibit design. Earlier he was employed for 6 years with Neo Modern Architects, Mumbai. Where he successfully handled various project and was involved in designing, planning, drawing, liasioning, and execution of projects. He commenced his own firm in 2004.

Tanisha Creative Design Pvt. Ltd. is an building Planning & design firm with nearly 19 years of experience, designing and completing large-scale Projects.

Tanisha Creative Design Pvt. Ltd. is also actively involved in organizing slum dwellers for better living and envolving affordable housing models, engaging in policy in Policy framework for mass housing, reclaiming public space in Mumbaiby developing the waterfronts, urban renewal and conservation projects.

Rakesh G. Waghmare

Chief Managing Director

With a depth of experience from past 15 years in design & organizing, Mr. Rakesh Waghmare has successfully handled various projects in the construction business.

Tanisha Creative Design Pvt Ltd which is a building, planning & design firm involved in organizing slum dwellers for better living in the affordable housing models. Design world is a professional building consulting firm incorporated in 2004 with a vision to expand building design knowledge & technical skills.

Services include preliminary feasibility studies, schematic design, planning of building, elevations of buildings, design of all required services like sewer line, drainage layout, approval of SRA Project, MHADA project etc. Company's diversified practice includes work ranging from small-scale residential.

Director of Tanisha Creative Design, he has set his standards in the managerial responsibilities playing key roles as an accomplished entrepreneur with specialized skills that will help the company grow with his visionary Leadership & lead Tanisha Creative to reach the heights.

Naina Rakesh Waghmare


She is Director of Tanisha Creative Design Pvt. Ltd.

"Welcome to Tanisha Creative Design Architects, a leading architectural firm specializing in innovative and sustainable design solutions. With over 20 years of experience, we are committed to creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally conscious spaces."

At Tanisha Creative Design, we offer a comprehensive range of architectural services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. From concept development and space planning to construction documentation and project coordination, our team of experts is dedicated to delivering exceptional design solutions for residential, commercial, and institutional projects."

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  • Client Interaction: Architects work closely with clients to understand their needs, preferences, and project requirements. They conduct meetings, gather information, and establish a clear understanding of the client's goals for the project.
  • Site Analysis: Architects analyze the site where the building will be constructed. This involves studying factors such as topography, climate, environmental impact, and any existing structures or infrastructure. The site analysis helps architects design a building that is well-suited to its surroundings.
  • Concept Development: Architects develop design concepts based on the client's requirements and the site analysis. They explore different ideas, aesthetics, and spatial arrangements to create a concept that aligns with the client's vision and functional needs.
  • Design Development: Once a concept is selected, architects refine and develop the design. They create detailed drawings, floor plans, elevations, and 3D models to visualize the project. Architects also use computer-aided design (CAD) software and Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools to create accurate and detailed representations of the design.


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Architecture That Merges Beauty And Functionality

With a team of highly skilled architects and designers, we bring a wealth of expertise and experience to every project we undertake. Our professionals have successfully completed a diverse range of projects, including residential, commercial, and institutional designs. We are well-versed in the latest architectural trends, building codes, and sustainability practices to deliver exceptional results.


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John Adarson

Partner | London

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John Adarson

Partner | London

There are many variations of passages of It is the available, but the majority have suffered alteration in some form, by injected humour, or randomised words which don't look even slightly believable.

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